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The Native Way Run Method

the native way run method, Dat Cao,  Native Physical Therapy, Annapolis, Maryland

In some ways, running is the least complicated sport there is. You throw on a pair of sneakers and you just go. But the human body is anything but simple.

The body is an incredible combination of sophisticated systems and architecture. And when they are optimized and working in sync, nothing can stop you. When they are not, it will literally stop you in your tracks.

Whether you run for hobby or for personal records, the Native Way Run Method is designed to ensure your body is operating at peak performance so you can do what you love. It is based on a deep understanding of the science of movement, running, and the complex systems and infrastructure within the human body.

  • If you have a history of injuries, we look for the “Why?” and the “What?” Why is the injury occurring – is your hip tight, your ankle weak – and more importantly, What are we doing to do about it?
  • If you’re worried about injuries (and who isn’t), we look for the “Where?” Where could you be stronger, looser?
  • If you’re interested in performance, we look for the “How?” How could you modify your running form and your training to go faster or longer.



As you work through the Native Way Run Method, you get personalized training plans customized to your needs and progress.


Step 1 - Running Analysis
Detailed evaluation including video analysis to identify your mechanical patterns, locate areas of weakness that impact performance and put you at risk for injury, These findings combined with an in-depth discussion of your running goals determine the subsequent steps of your personalized program.
Step 2 - The Fundamentals
There is an art to running, and it is built on some basic, but often overlooked, fundamentals: Balance, stability, strength and flexibility. We dive deep to ensure your building blocks of running are solid.
Step 3 – The Way
Next we layer on form, technique, rhythm and timing. From the way your foot hits the ground to the length of your stride, there are micro adjustments that can lead to big results.
Step 4 – The Power
A combination of squats, deadlifts, lunges, cleans, and kettlebell swings forms the foundation of the Native Way Run Method strength training program.
Dat Cao,  Native Physical Therapy, Annapolis, Maryland, run recover add-on service

Run Recovery Add-On Service

Sometimes while training for a race, you develop some nagging pain or what I call “wiggles and niggles.” Or maybe you want to optimize your recovery after a long run or a race. Come in for some soft tissue work, dry needling, taping, and manual work to improve your recovery and reduce your risk of the wiggles and niggles turning into a true injury.